The relocation of production sites, the change of the global population structure as well as the predictable consumption of fossil fuels, force industry nations to break new grounds in power supplies. This includes setting up regulations to guarantee a future energy supply as well as improving efficiency of energy consumption of private and municipal households and industrial companies.

Among others, the following question will have to be asked: Is it possible to ensure a stable energy mix in the future? What has to be done to reach this goal and how are related costs allocated? Which benefits can actually be realized? For sure, there are a lot more questions to be posed.

It is all but certain, handling and managing processes in today’s utilities sector requires the support of information technology, e.g. in operating and managing wind power plants or solar energy plants as well as setting up intelligent power networks, so-called smart grids. One of the many requirements to upgrade the existing power supply system to a transforming communicative network is the exchange of the old-fashioned Ferraris Meters with up-to-date intelligent Smart Meters.

The industry specific solution portfolio SAP for Utilities is particularly designed to support business processes of power, gas and water suppliers. With SAP Meter Reading Planning & Smart Meter Rollout by PROLOGA, SAP provides a software package focusing particularly on the challenges associated with the legally required and timely restricted mass exchange of power, gas and water meters.

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