Software Maintenance and Support – Improve Performance and Increase Stability

Our mission is to provide expert-led guidance in optimizing solution performance and business processes while enabling clients to take full advantage of our products and solutions. Verified by SAP certification processes, PROLOGA offers high-quality support to their customers not only in development and consulting questions during the project life cycle, but also during the post-go-live and subsequent maintenance phase. Based on the on-going training of our own team members as well as the regular participation in the Premium Solution Qualification by SAP, we are able to provide you with in-depth functionality know-how of the industry solution, profound knowledge in the administration of SAP system and databases, tools and consulting expertise to keep your systems up and running. Depending on your individual requirements, you can choose from a variety of service offerings – from reliable response to technical disruptions and sustained system integrity to proactive support and safeguarding. All offered to run your SAP solutions at peak efficiency.