Fleet Integration

SAP Mobile Order Management for Waste and Recycling

Even with regard to your company fleet, high-tech has found its way into the waste and recycling industry. However, what good is purchasing state-of-the-art vehicles if an adequate deployment of those vehicles is not included in planning and therefore your assets cannot be profitably integrated with your company IT?

SAP Mobile Order Management for Waste and Recycling helps you to link your company fleet to the back office solution of SAP Waste and Recycling. Communication as well as data acquisition and exchange between your vehicles on the street and your back office in near real-time allows a more efficient fleet utilization as well as a transparent cost management.

Your benefits:

  • Saved time and money with resource optimization, direct implementation of incoming orders, and quick reaction to unforeseen events
  • Faster order processing from order receipt and on-site service provisioning to invoicing thanks to mobile communication-based processing
  • Real-time information flow between vehicles and head office based on general packet radio service (GPRS) and wireless local area network (WLAN) communication
  • Transparent view of planned routes for easier service-based billing
  • Improved data quality and reduced need to revise service data in the SAP software based on the use of a single data source