Material Flow Management and Legal Compliance

SAP Material Flow Management for Waste and Recycling

An intelligent material flow management provides the relevant data for important management decisions. Therefore, it is essential to monitor your waste streams not only with regard to the hazardousness of the waste that is transported or disposed of. Moreover, the multitude of national and international legal regulations does not really help in making the rendering of environmentally friendly waste services any easier. Let alone, that making it a business that pays. How is the escalating complexity of waste approval processes to be coped with? And how can information technology be applied professionally to keep related costs under control?

SAP Material Flow Management for Waste and Recycling enables you to comply closely with complex statutory regulations. Its integrated material flow management provides reliable key information that forms the basis of management decisions.

Your benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and lower likelihood of errors thanks to centralized data entry, documentation, and retention
  • Better waste-stream monitoring due to more efficient material flow tracking throughout the entire waste disposal and recovery cycle
  • Improved transparency of important company information thanks to centralized access to all waste and recovery data
  • Enhanced analysis functionalities with access to real-time data and integrated statistics
  • Close compliance with legal requirements as the software enables you to store country-specific and international regulations
  • Simplified reporting for both authorities and customers, with the use of automatically generated document templates