SAP Meter Reading Planning & Smart Meter Rollout by PROLOGA

Since January 2010 German law requires to install smart meters when building new or renovating old homes. Moreover, all conventional meters have to be replaced with intelligent meters by 2020. Smart meter often refers to an electrical meter, but it can increasingly also mean a device measuring gas or water consumption. Contrary to conventional meters, smart meters need not to be read manually by service technicians but enable a two-way communication between the meter and the central system and therefore a remote reporting. Due to the statutory regulations, the exchange and roll-out of smart meters will challenge utility companies in a resource as well as timely manner.

Your challenge will be to process and execute the exchange of hundreds of thousands if not even millions of meters in a time and cost efficient manner, always keeping in mind that a single meter installation requires not only the coordination of your service technicians but also contacting your customers, managing your assets etc..

SAP Smart Meter Rollout provides you an optimized solution approach. The software builds on already available process know-how that only has to be adapted to the mass roll-out situation. The key for success is the deployment of planning scenarios. Moreover, SAP Smart Meter Rollout can be integrated with a mobile order management, thereby supporting and aligning your strategic and operational planning with the actual operational execution of the meter exchange.