SAP Mobile On-Site Billing for SAP Utilities by PROLOGA

No matter which industry, customer demands rise steadily. At the same time your work processes become more complex and cost-intensive. Put an end to this development now: Speed up your processes, optimize your services and reduce your expenses. Manage your processes quickly, efficiently and accurately. With Mobile On-Site Billing you cannot only provide high-level functionality and work processes on-site but also make your entire operational processes more efficient, saving you time and cost-intensive mail orders. How is this possible? Targeting the weak points is the solution.

Mobile On-Site Billing is particularly designed to fit the requirements of utility companies. Catch up on tasks, that have previously taken days or weeks, in a few minutes.

Moreover, costly and personnel-intensive processes to follow up and correct meter reading and data transmission errors are avoided.

Mobile On-Site Billing is the perfect solution if you are looking for a transparent, efficient and cost effective collection and processing of meter data.