The process of “delivering material“ at a waste disposal facility often spans geographically from the entrance gate of the facility (where the truck is weighed in and access control is set up) to the actual unloading place (acceptance of the material). Additionally, waste management companies have to align the mobility of their facility personnel with the delivering trucks. Accessing and checking delivery data with access to the back office system at the unloading point is rather restricted, the more so as the actual work of your facility personnel focuses on the coordination cross-check of the incoming deliveries. Moreover, older facilities were built having in mind rather the facility process in general and less the possibility of a future integrated IT process. Therefore, those facilities often lack the possibility to integrate PC terminals on the facility itself. Based on state-of-the-art technology, this communication gap can be closed easily.

Nowadays, the process is often as follows: A certain type of waste is delivered to a disposal facility. After being weighed in, the driver enters the facility to unload the truck. The facility personnel will check if the unloaded waste matches the data on the weighing note. Sometimes, however, there is a mismatch and truck/driver and facility personnel have to shuttle back and forth to trigger the required data corrections in the system and on the weigh bill. This means unproductive work time for your personnel on the one hand, and unnecessary idle time for the truck driver blocking the place for trucks lining at the weighbridge. Moreover, this process is still paper based – not a very environment-friendly solution nowadays. Bearing all this in mind, productivity can be improved by streamlining the process of re-declarations.

PROLOGA’s Yard-Checker application avoids not only unproductive work times of your facility personnel but also reduces administration, archiving and printing of dockets. The basic data of such dockets, generally electronically stored in your software system, have to be cross-checked. The Yard-Checker enables your personnel to access these data online via a smart phone. The application displays all deliveries assigned to the facility and their current status. Having selected a truck (by license plate data), your facility personnel can approve or decline a delivery. In both cases, the status change will be displayed immediately in your SAP system as well. So you can make sure that only trucks with an approved delivery can leave the facility again. Truck drivers whose load has been declined have to follow further instructions, such as a further analysis of the waste.