Mobile Unmanned Weighing

Delays in weighing process, the lack of human resources and manual incorrect entries of data – these are problems the operators and customers of disposal facilities know quite well. The progressing mobilization of communication technologies offers great potential, counteracting these proceeding obstacles. In order to optimize and mobilize your waste disposal services, PROLOGA has developed the Mobile Unmanned Weighing App for SAP Waste and Recycling.

As a SAP extension the Mobile Unmanned Weighing App enables you as a disposal company to offer a mobile application to your customers, that leads through the entire weighing process. This includes input and output weighing and the corresponding control of barriers and traffic lights. The measured data will be integrated seamlessly into the backend processes of the system. Consequently, weighing processes can be executed independently of facility staff. Moreover, the App can be combined individually with special weighing processes on-site such as automatic license plate recognition or truck identifications via RFID. Using Mobile Unmanned Weighing you and your customers save valuable time and financial resources.

For more information regarding functionality, structure and benefits of the Mobile Unmanned Weighing App, please refer to our Solution Brief.