Mobile Case Manager

More and more cities and municipalities have to face rising costs resulting from illegal dumping of waste in local parks, along bikeways, trails and public roads. This does not only affect the image but fly-tipping can be dangerous, pollute land and waterways. Therefore, it is essential to clear away those messy places as soon as possible. Some municipalities have assigned this task to the local waste disposal contractor. Bearing in mind efficiency and responsiveness aspects, how can this process be integrated in the overall IT strategy of your company?

The Mobile Case Manager (MCM) by PROLOGA offers an integrated approach. The application enables a notifier to take photos of a messy place and send it directly to the SAP system of the waste management company. The incoming message contains as well information on the type of waste/pollution, the time of acquisition and a GPS coordinate that enables the dispatcher to directly display the place on a map in its SAP Waste and Recycling solution. Having the information available, the dispatcher can immediately create a waste disposal order in the system assigning the relevant resources and triggering order processing.

Of course, there is more to think of, such as a cooperation with the health and safety department in order to initiate prosecution or the deployment of the app when servicing major events. Another idea might as well be to reward attentive citizens for helping make a town cleaner in a yearly tombola.

To make it short, this application offers waste and recycling companies not only the possibility of a simplified notification process with an improved responsiveness but can also contribute massively to an improved image and perception as state-of-the-art business.