Company Profile

We, the PROLOGA, help our customers in the utilities and waste management industry for more than 20 years to plan, specify and implement IT solutions supporting their operational business processes. With this expertise we are also development and cooperation partner of SAP SE.

With the focus:

“Enabling everyone to

acquire, create, plan and execute mobile work orders

anytime, anywhere”

In a world, dramatically changing the access and ownership of data, PROLOGA will use its long term experience in different industries and regions to provide solutions and guidance to access all relevant data for a typical service process for all participants ranging from customers over customer sales representatives, order takers, planners, technicians, back-office workers and accountants. All parties involved in such scenarios will collaborate based on the same set of information and share the same understanding of the data collected. Our goal is nothing less than a full digitalization of all process steps reducing communication efforts, increasing their efficiency and giving room for better customer service as well as higher quality delivered.